Top Five Concerts of All Time

Most people have attended a concert, and many have walked out with a different experience. To some, the concert they attended will become a memory that they will always treasure. To others, it may have been a lacklustre performance that will be forgotten in a manner of weeks. Many will argue what makes a good concert. We have highlighted five concerts considered among the best below.

The Beatles – Shea Stadium, August 15, 1965

beatles-shay-stadiumImage – NY Daily News

While The Beatles were an undisputed talent during the 60s and 70s, it can be argued that not all the live performances were quite up to scratch. This was in part due to the sound arrangements, where the act would complain that they could not always hear themselves, thus making their performance a little sketchy at best.

The concert held at Shea Stadium in 1965 was a turning point for The Beatles, who would actually retire from public performances to concentrate more on producing more great albums. The concert encaptured the first era of The Beatles, and the concert would go on to be broadcast across the world. The material that followed in the coming years went on to become game-changing masterpieces.

Simon & Garfunkel – Central Park, New York City, September 19, 1965

It’s no secret that a lot of friction was present thought the career of Simon & Garfunkel, but non-one could dispute what a perfect musical duo they made. Paul Simon had composed great songs such as ‘Mrs Robinson ‘and ‘The Boxer’ and they never sounded so good live as they did on the night of September 19, 1965 partnered with Art Garfunkel’s haunting vocals.

The folk duo showcased their career through a 19-song set, which finished on a euphoric high with their rendition of ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water.’ The two were able to stand side by side and deliver the goods in a memorable and heartfelt concert that still holds its place in music history today.

Led Zeppelin – Madison Square Garden, New York City, 1973 – Three Shows

Utter the words ‘prog rock’ to anyone, and you can be sure that Led Zeppelin will be a band that’s brought to the surface.

It was back in 1973 when a trio of shows performed by Robert Plant and Co went on to cement the band’s legendary status. The performance has since been released on DVD as ‘The Song Remains the Same’ and features Jon Bonham’s effortless drumming, Jimmy Page’s hypnotising guitar playing, John Paul Jones’ thudding bass and Robert Plant’s soaring vocals. All these attributes are amalgamated together to create a 26-minute version of ‘Dazed and Confused.’

Pink Floyd – ‘The Wall,’ Global, February 1980 to June 1981

pink-floyd-the-wallImage – Neptune Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd released ‘The Wall’ back in November 1979 before the album was brought to life on film in 1982. ‘The Wall’ focuses on a drugged-out musician named Pink Floyd, who recalls his lonely upbringing through a series of hallucinations and flashbacks.

As expected, the story was told via a series of trippy visuals, and the same can be said for the concert that preceded it. The gig only occurred in four cities, Los Angeles, London, New York City and Dortmund in Germany, due to its epic stage setup. The lack of available dates was another reason why the concert went on to become one of the most memorable in music history.

The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert, Wembley Stadium April 20, 1992

Queen has been part of the music world since the 1970s, thanks to its unique sound and flamboyant frontman, Freddie Mercury. Unfortunately, Freddie Mercury passed away on November 24, 1991, leaving a gap in the world of music that was going to be difficult to fill.

Queen had influenced a number of great artists, and the benefit for AIDS research gave them chance to say their final goodbyes, while playing tribute to the great man himself. A diverse number of acts such as Paul You, Def Leppard and Metallica came together to celebrate the life and works of Mercury via an unforgettable tribute concert.

The above concerts have for one reason to another resonated with their audience. Whether it was a rare show, or an electrical performance, the outcome was the same, a concert that would still be considered memorable so many years later.